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Freedom Elite

Is the Elite cancer cover comprehensive?

Yes, it covers the costs associated with eligible cancer treatment including cover for palliative treatment. For more information see the Cancer Cover page.

What hospitals can I use for my medical treatment?

In addition to the hospitals included in your chosen Freedom Elite hospital list, you may also receive treatment in any NHS private ward. You may be treated as a private patient in a dedicated NHS private patient unit or in an NHS pay bed. For more information please see the Freedom Elite hospital list.

Does Freedom Elite cover cancer?

Yes, cancer is included in the core cover that comes with all Freedom Elite private medical insurance policies. Find out more about our cancer promise.

What is private GP and how does it work?

You can use a private GP instead of your NHS GP when you want to be seen at a specific time that’s convenient to you. We will refund, in full, up to a maximum of £300, the fee a private GP charges for consultations, diagnostic tests and minor surgery carried out in the GP’s own surgery.

You will only have this cover if you purchase the optional Dental, Optical and Private GP benefit.

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Freedom Essentials

Can I get treated on the NHS?

Yes, and you will still get 50% of the fixed cash benefit you would normally receive if undergoing inpatient treatment in a private hospital. You can then use this sum of money in any way you wish.

Can I get treated outside the UK?

Yes. For this, you will need to arrange treatment as a self-pay patient in the hospital of your choice. Before treatment commences overseas, we need to receive a copy of the booking letter and all medical reports we ask for in order to validate the claim. We will also need a copy of the discharge summary before the fixed cash benefit can be paid. For more information check out How to make a claim.

How many claims can I make for Freedom Essentials?

There is no overall annual limit to the number of times you can use it or on the value you can claim. As long as the claim is eligible, you will receive the fixed cash benefit associated with that procedure. For examples of cash benefit amounts please see the Essentials Procedure Payment Guide.

Is there a hospital list for Freedom Essentials?

No there isn’t. The Freedom Essentials plan allows you to get inpatient and day-patient treatment in any hospital, anywhere in the world. However, all outpatient treatment must be carried out in the UK, although you can choose which hospital would be most convenient.

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Freedom Worldwide

Do you provide cover for non-UK residents?

When it comes to Freedom Worldwide you do not have to be a British citizen to obtain cover. We can provide cover for you anywhere in the world as long as we are allowed by the law of that country to do so and by our underwriter.

How do I get a replacement policy card?

If you have lost your policy card and would like to replace it, feel free to contact us and we will arrange a new one to be sent to your address.

What if I decide to move to another country?

If you decide to move whilst you have a policy with us, your policy and premium will generally not be affected if the new location is within the cover area you selected when you bought the policy. However, we would still require notification of your move and your new address to ensure any mail we send to you arrives to the right location.

If you move outside your original area of cover, you should get in touch with us or with your broker.

What is the inpatient cash benefit?

The Freedom Worldwide Health Insurance inpatient cash benefit is a payment given per night of stay at a non-charging hospital. For all levels of insurance cover this is £100/night. There is a maximum of 50 nights for all levels of cover. For more details see our Worldwide Health Insurance policy document.

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