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Cancer Cover: Our Cancer Promise

Being diagnosed with cancer can be life changing, but Freedom Elite offers comprehensive cancer cover to help fight this terrible condition and restore you back to health.

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Cancer touches all our lives. According to the latest statistics, 1 in 2 people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime (Cancer Research UK, 2019).

The good news is that people are getting tested earlier, treatments are getting better and life expectancy for people with cancer is better than ever before.

Nonetheless, cancer is one of our top priorities at Freedom Health Insurance. That is why all our Freedom Elite policies include comprehensive cancer cover as part of the core policy which covers both eligible inpatient and outpatient costs of cancer related treatment.

What we will cover

Freedom Elite includes comprehensive cancer cover as standard, designed to meet the medical costs of active cancer treatment intended to affect the growth of the cancer by shrinking it, stabilising it or slowing the spread of the disease.


Our cancer benefit provides cover for the following:

  • Investigation into, and diagnosis of, the initial symptoms of cancer (when optional outpatient treatment chosen)
  • Ongoing monitoring of health if cancer is diagnosed – for as long as you have a policy with us.
  • Surgical treatment – covered in full
  • Chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatment to destroy cancer cells – covered in full
  • Genetic testing to help the oncologist decide whether chemotherapy treatment is the most appropriate form of medical treatment
  • Targeted therapies designed to stimulate the immunes system, block the growth and spread of cancer cells or to overcome side effects of treatment
  • Hormonal therapies used in the active treatment of cancer
  • Medical treatment to combat the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Bone strengthening drugs (bisphosphonates) that can, in certain situations, protect bones against some effects of cancer, such as pain and weakness
  • Reconstructive surgery after cancer treatment is completed, to restore function or appearance
  • Stem cell therapy and bone marrow transplant – one complete procedure covered in full
  • Post-surgery services (such as a consultation with a dietician, a stoma nurse or a wig needed because of hair loss due to cancer treatment)
  • Advanced cancer – full cover for primary and secondary cancers, if cancer spreads during treatment
  • Palliative care (sometimes called end of life care) intended to support the patient, control the symptoms of cancer and relieve pain and other symptoms, when active cancer treatment is no longer effective

What we will not cover

There are some treatments that won’t be covered such as:

  • Experimental or unproven treatments which are not based on established clinical practice
  • Unlicensed drugs or drugs being used outside the terms of their licence
  • Preventative treatments designed to prevent a disease or illness where the patient is not suffering from any symptoms
  • Take home drugs and medications after treatment or those which are usually prescribed by a GP

Have any questions?

If you still have questions about our Freedom Elite health plan, check out our Elite FAQs or give us a call on 0800 999 2013* and speak to one of our friendly team members.


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Cancer cover FAQs

What is cancer cover?

Our cancer benefit covers the costs of diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Here at Freedom Health Insurance, all of our Freedom Elite policies include cancer cover so you can rest assured your needs will be met if you have to battle the disease.

Do I need cancer cover?

There have been many advancements in cancer care, however, treatments can still come at a cost and with 1 in 2 people now being diagnosed with the disease, it is worth being prepared for. Having cancer cover included in your medical insurance plan, you can receive the treatment you need when you need it most without having to face substantial costs or long NHS wait times. 

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Is cancer cover worth it?

Here’s how you can benefit from having cancer cover included in your health insurance plan:

  • Access to private hospitals and healthcare facilities when you need it.
  • Financial cover for otherwise costly cancer treatments.
  • Peace of mind in the knowledge that you’ll have protection and be covered should you be diagnosed with cancer. This is particularly reassuring for members of a family that has a history of the disease.

Does health insurance always cover cancer?

Cover for cancer treatment is not always included in all standard health insurance policies. That said, all of our Freedom Elite policies include cancer cover so you can rest assured you will receive the care you need should you be diagnosed with cancer.

Can I get insurance after cancer diagnosis?

If you have already been diagnosed with cancer, this is considered to be a pre-existing condition which health insurance providers will not usually cover. You can find out more about chronic and pre-existing conditions here.